NOTE: Because it’s 2020 and apparently that means Murphy’s Law rules everything, our site has experienced some massive tech issues related to the store itself. Please visit our Etsy Shop, where you can find all the same Liberty Farm soaps and specialty body care products. Please accept our apology in the form of a 10% discount with the code 2020SUCKS. 😉

Liberty Farm is a small homestead in the mountains of western Montana. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats along with a host of other farm animals, including Kunekune pigs, random chickens, barn cats, Muscovy ducks, and livestock guardian dogs!

We make a variety of soaps, some of which are all-natural, using our goats’ milk, flowers and herbs we grow here on the farm. You’re invited to shop our soap and skin care selection, read the stories we write about our animals’ many adventures, or meet our many animals. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact us with any questions!

If you care about what goes on your skin, then take a look at what we have to offer — gorgeous scents and essential oil blends with solid ingredients that will leave you feeling amazing.

Welcome to Liberty Farm. We’re glad you’re here!