Power to the New Rooster!

My new black rooster, aka Uncle Festus, is currently staging a revolt in the chicken pen after making it through quarantine. Brutus, the longstanding and forever undisputed king of the flock, may end up losing his position to a spunky little guy half his size.

While my normal tendency is to root for the underdog, in this case I’m a bit miffed. Brutus is a protective, observant rooster who takes good care of his girls, watches for predators, and herds them into the coop at the first sign of danger, taking up a noble post in the doorway. This new guy, however, seems more interested in chasing the hens all over the place and running between Brutus’ legs so he can flip around and peck him in the back of the head. Poor Brutus.

You would think that my second-in-command rooster would step in and help. But no. He is simply taking the opportunity to mate all the hens out in the open while Brutus is otherwise occupied. I think he is excited that he no longer has to sneak around to the darkened corners of the coop to get love, like some teenager under the bleachers.

Will Brutus hold on to his spot as King of the Hill? Or will he be usurped by the dark and handsome newcomer? Stay tuned tomorrow on As the Waterer Empties.

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