Loki Learns to Leave the Cats Alone

Loki, one of our miniature Aussie Shepherds, is a sweet 7-month-old pup that is still learning farm life. He loves to play with the cats…but they don’t always love playing with him.

Today Loki got in his second fight with one of the cats. He lost this one. Why, you might ask, is he suddenly fighting with the very animals he loves playing with?

It all started when Sugar, one of the Cats Formerly Known as Babykitty, came up and rubbed her head against him affectionately, purring in a friend-zone sort of way. Loki, as many friend-zone males typically do, immediately misinterpreted the gesture as a green light, frantically attempting to mate with her in the frenzied, poorly-done manner of every virgin male with no clue who has been raised as a mama’s pet.

At first, Sugar tried to get out from under him, but Loki bit the back of her neck, trying to hold her there. Suddenly, Sugar went from “hey I don’t like you that way” to SUPER EMPOWERED FELINE, DESTROYER OF WORLDS. Executing what can only be described as a cat-like maneuver, she extricated her neck and spun around under him, clawing his face repeatedly so fast I couldn’t even see how many times she got him. All while screaming what must have been cuss words in Cat.

Jumping off of her with a loud yelp of pain, Loki backed up, bewildered. How could this enchanting creature NOT want some of this, he apparently thought. Sugar ran a few feet away, glaring balefully.

The pain of rejection was quickly replaced with rage as Loki charged what was just a moment ago the object of his obsessive brand of love. Sugar calmly awaited his attack, the tip of her tail slowly curling.

As he reached her with a snarl, Sugar proceeded to Whup. His. Behind.

And his face. And his back. And his belly. It took her literally about 1.5 seconds and I doubt he even got a smack in. Lol

Then she jumped on to the balcony rail and started cleaning herself like it never happened. Loki ran and hid between my legs, and Sugar looked at me as if to say…”well, keep your little predator on a leash and that won’t happen.”

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