Suzie Has Some Babies

This morning we figured putting the mamas out to pasture might help speed things along for Frenchie, who is very agitated this morning.

Shortly afterward, Eric looked outside to see Suzie laying on her side, yelling loudly, and Frenchie was nudging her like an experienced mama, pushing her onto her feet. NO GET UP. YOU GOTTA STAND UP FOR THIS. Suzie struggled to her feet, with Frenchie pushing and encouraging the whole time.

Eric could already see two tiny hooves and a little baby nose as he went up to her. He yelled to me that the kid was going to come right there in the dirt so I grabbed a towel and ran out there just in time to catch the baby before it hit the ground.

The little one is strong, healthy, and Suzie is being an excellent first time mom. We have a little doeling who is perfect, looks just like her mama down to her little black boots and white patch on her head…and blue eyes. Her full registered name will be Liberty 76 Belleau Wood.

Bella, for short.

After a short exam, a bit of selenium, and some iodine for her umbilical cord stump, we left them alone. Bella is currently spending some bonding time with mama and getting her land legs but we will go back down in a bit and get some video of her dancing around.

Frenchie is now yelling and acting quite annoyed. Double babies today? Maybe so. 

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