Lexi the Mighty and Leroy the Drama Dog

Tales from Liberty Farm

Lexi, our Sarplaninac pup, is growing fast. She is already 2/3 the size of Lobo, and is still only 7 months old. Part of her job right now is learning when to alert, when to stand down, and when to escalate. Watching her slowly start to assert herself in various situations is a lot of fun, and every so often we get a glimpse of the dog she will be when she is full grown. So far she is incredibly stable in her emotions, very judicious with her applications of force. If she flips the switch, it’s usually because she had to — and if she overreacted, Lobo is there to correct her.

Yesterday Leroy the mini Aussie was being, well, Leroy. Since his nut-loss appointment, he’s been a bit less randy but still very hyper and very dramatic. Lexi might try to chase the goats herself from time to time, but she is well aware that Leroy shouldn’t be doing it. Eric caught her watching him intently as he zoomed around the yard at top speed, cutting in and out and getting the goats all wound up.

Lexi and Lobo don’t like it when their goats are wound up, and Lexi stepped up to handle it, snapping and snarling at Leroy as he sprinted up to her. Not like I AM GOING TO KILL YOU NOW, but more like THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING TO KNOCK IT OFF.

Having always seen Lexi as the smaller, weaker pup that he could boss around and play with, Leroy was stunned. WHY IS SHE YELLING AT ME LIKE SHE IS THE BOSS? Suddenly realizing that he had just dropped a rung on the food chain, he decided to revert to false accusations. Screaming and yelping like she had just gutted him, he announced to all and sundry that he, the sweet and always innocent Leroy Jenkins, had been victimized by the mean and evil harpy, Lexi, who had apparently forgotten her place. Scuttling off to the gate, he howled his emotional pain, trying to garner sympathy from someone…anyone…tattling in dog yelps about the wench who attacked him without provocation.

Leroy is a chauvinist…and a drama dog.

Raising his head to see if it was worth getting up from a nap, Lobo decided it was just Leroy and his crying wolf again. Lexi appeared wholly unconcerned with Leroy’s histrionics, and even the goats stared at him, calmly chewing their hay as they surveyed him with judging eyes. Leroy found himself at the gate without a single soul to give a flying rip about him getting his butt handed to him by a girl.

Lexi is awesome.

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