Welcome to the New Liberty Farm!

We are so excited to expand LF this year, and we can’t think of a better time to launch the new website than the 4th of July. We’ve gotten our soaps in a local store, had some hilarious scent brainstorming with local friends, welcomed baby Remy and new herd buck Fox to the farm, and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how we apparently managed to get the only rabbits on earth that won’t breed.

This year we are working on some big plans. Here’s a sneak peek.

After several months on Etsy while WordPress figured out some quirks and whatnot with updates and plugins, we’re finally back here, running our own stuff. And it’s about time, because quite frankly, Etsy sucks after a while.

To celebrate having a place where you can keep up with all things Liberty Farm, we’re dropping the prices on EVERYTHING.

  • Soaps are only $5 each or 5 for $20!
  • Our Anti-Aging Cream with Bakuchiol is only $10!

Finally…Sample Boxes.

We’ve been hearing you ask for this, and so here it is. Can’t decide on which soap you want? Would you like to test out several before you buy a full bar? Perfect–order a Liberty Farm Sampler. You’ll get an assortment of FIVE 1-oz mini-bars. The box comes with a list of which soaps you’re trying out.

The Biggest Surprise

As if all of that isn’t enough, we have one more piece of news. Liberty Farm merch will be available soon! Coffee mugs, T-shirts, totes, and hoodies will be for sale, all with the trademark sarcasm and awesomeness of our little farm. It’s a way to support Liberty Farm but also have a perfectly good reason to display your snark in public!

We’re coming up on 4 years for our farm, and the 1-year anniversary of the soap business launch is coming up too! Look for awesome deals, all new soaps, and all kinds of other things. Stay tuned!

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