Welcome to Liberty Farm!

Time to rediscover the skin you were born with. Why buy commercial soaps that dry out your skin when you can support local agriculture and small veteran-owned businesses while making your skin feel better than it’s ever been?

Our soaps are handmade and it shows. Our customers enjoy a deep, fresh clean, with soaps that are as beautiful as they are amazing. Liberty Farm ingredients include things like goat milk, shea butter, buttermilk, jojoba oil, and gorgeous scents.

We make soaps and body products that leave your skin feeling as clean and fresh as the mountains our goats run and play on every day.

Liberty Farm is veteran-owned and operated. We love our country and the freedom that it was meant to stand for.

The Liberty Farm Story

We were standard city folks, locked into long commutes and tiny cubicles at big companies. Yearning for freedom and the chance to live our lives as we see fit, we left everything we knew and moved to the mountains of western Montana, starting over and forging the life we truly wanted to live under the Big Sky.

Now our farm is our refuge; we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens, Kunekune pigs, and an assortment of rabbits. We keep learning (farming is HARD WORK) but we’re also finding that it’s…well, hilarious.

Meet Our Animals

We can’t possibly fit all our animals in one photo! But each of them are loved, cared for, and have personalities and adventures.

Our goats are all ADGA registered, and bred for superior dairy production.

Frenchie is our herd queen, and next in line are the half-sisters Suzie and Miss Cleo. Our boys are Wild Bill, Carl, and Fox.

Our baby goats get patriotic names, so we have Bella (short for Belleau Wood) and Remy (short for Remember– she was born on Memorial Day). Other babies born on our farm in past years include Normandy, Freedom, and Bastogne just to name a few.

We also have Rosie and Frankie, our two Kunekune pigs; Lobo and Lexi are our livestock guardian dogs. Spice, Reaper, and Sugar are our three barn cats, and Leroy is our miniature Aussie who thinks his entire existence is meant to seek out validation. They’re all part of the little farm family.

Teddy the Boar

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