Fresh. Clean. Liberty Farm Montana.

It’s time to rediscover the skin you were born with. Why buy commercial soaps stuffed full with harsh detergents and weird chemicals, when you can buy all-natural, even organic soaps and bath products from a farm who grows and harvests their own ingredients? Doesn’t your skin deserve the best that nature can offer?

Our soaps are handmade from locally sourced, wildcrafted, or homegrown ingredients straight from our garden and farm — and it shows. Our customers enjoy a deep, fresh clean, with all the benefits that natural ingredients bring. Liberty Farm ingredients include things like milk from our own goats, oils infused with herbs from our own gardens, and all-natural colorants and fragrances like fresh cucumber puree and hand-harvested aloe leaf.

We make soaps, shampoo bars, bath melts, and body butters that leave your skin feeling as clean and fresh as the mountains our ingredients come from.

The Liberty Farm Story

We were standard city folks, locked into long commutes and tiny cubicles at big companies. Yearning for freedom, we left everything we knew and moved to the mountains of western Montana, starting over and forging the life we truly wanted to live under the Big Sky.

Now our farm is our refuge; we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens, Kunekune pigs, and Muscovy ducks. We also grow a wide variety of medicinal and cooking herbs, as well as wildcrafting the local plants as sustainably as possible. We seek to leave our land better than we found it, and we are excited to bring you along with us!

Teddy the Boar

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